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23 July, 2018
Best Telehealth Services in Canada - Comparison Guide

With the ongoing pandemic, people are heavily dependent on leading telehealth services. To fulfill this need, an abundance of telemedicine service providers is now available for Canadians. From primary health concerns to specialized doctor advice, Canadians can leverage advanced healthcare with the comfort of their mobile devices. The facilities provide a range of services from doctor appointments, mental health caregivers, physician on-demand, online pharmacy, wellness experts, and second opinions.

TeleHealth services provider in Canada

What makes telemedicine popular is the convenience, effectiveness, and affordability. But with a plethora of options to choose from, how does one pick a specific telemedicine services provider in Canada? We've done our research and assembled a comparison guide to make it easy for our readers. 


Livecare is a physician-owned and operated telehealth provider offering virtual doctor appointments for specialties like cardiology, endocrinology, mental wellbeing, sleep disorders, pain management, and so on. They offer video conferencing services where customers can discuss prescriptions, refills, diagnostic results, resolve doubts, and avail follow-ups. Apart from these services, the app provides online journals and health trackers to manage their wellbeing. 

Tia Health

Tia Health is an app that connects registered doctors and prescribers to Canadians. The modes of communication available are video conferencing, phone calls, and messaging. A person has the freedom to view and choose a doctor of their own choice and preferred language. The app also offers requisitions, mental health support services, in-app referrals, and COVID-19 screening. Currently Tia health is covered in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia and charged at $30 for other provinces.

Algo App

Algo App offers services for all Canadians. Users can “book online doctor appointments, in-person clinic visits, request a prescription, and order prescriptions and non-prescription medications”. The easy-to-use app is continuously increasing its base of doctors, prescribers, caregivers, and pharmacies across the country. The extensive Canada pharmacy coverage always guarantees common and specialty medication availability. The secure service ensures medical records are safely stored. Doorstep delivery of medicines in tamper-proof discreet packaging ensures privacy. Apart from new prescriptions, customers can arrange refills easily through the app itself. Doctors and pharmacies are available 24/7 and on-demand to cater to all needs. Users have access to a registered pharmacist and their medical profiles at any given moment.                                      

The services are free for all residents covered under Ontario healthcare plans. Currently, services are chargeable in all other provinces but will be covered under provincial healthcare plans soon.    

Cover Health

Cover Health is a telemedicine service that offers appointment with a doctor within Ontario using Ontario governments telehealth platform. Patients prefer to use Cover Health to cater to generic illnesses like flu, prescription renewals, follow-ups, reproductive health, and so on. The service is covered for all patients residing within Ontario. Cover Health supersedes Telehealth Ontario's phone-based advisory service, which has minimal access to medical practitioners and does not offer any prescriptions, medical notes, or health record-keeping solutions.


Maple allows users to connect via any smartphone, tablet, or computer around the clock. Patients can use text chat, audio calls, and video conferencing for diagnosis. On-demand doctors are available in the shortest possible time. The specialties offered include urology, dermatology, pediatrics, sexual wellbeing, oncology, mental health, naturopathy, basic prescription renewals, general health, and much more. Maple is available for all Canadians across the country. The consultations are chargeable at $49/weekday visit and $79/weekend visit. 

Tulip Health

Tulip Health is a dedicated phone-based service that connects users with relevant doctors in the Ontario province. The service offers doctor consultations, prescription renewals, specialist referrals, and other health-related assessments. As Tulip Health is primarily from Ontario, the benefits are covered for all Ontario residents.


Babylon App offers appointment-based virtual consultations, prescriptions, health assessments, and diagnostic referrals to Canadians across Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. The doctor consultations are provided only on video. There is an additional option to share prescriptions with a customer's preferred pharmacy. All Canadians covered under provincial healthcare plans can access the services. Otherwise, the charges for each consultation start from $65. The app is also famous for its built-in symptom checker service. Based on general healthcare questions and triage information, the checker determines every customer's state of health. Additionally, customers can track and monitor energy levels and moods on the app.


GOeVisit mobile app offers a subscription-based service for all Canadians. Users need to describe their symptoms to receive a treatment plan from a registered medical practitioner. It works best for general health issues and minor illnesses. The subscription starts from $10/month for individuals and $15/month for a family subscription. 


The beacon app caters mainly to mental wellbeing services across Canada in French and English. Users must complete a questionnaire based on which the app assigns cognitive behavior-based therapy programs suitable for the user. The services offer support for mild to moderate depression, panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD. A vast pool of registered therapists is available for messaging. The service is covered in the province of Ontario. Other provinces are subject to payment. 

Virtual Clinics

Virtual Clinics is an online-based service offering virtual doctor appointments for patients over video, phone, and messaging. The services offered are prescriptions, on-demand lab test results, prescription renewals, and doorstep pharmacy delivery. Virtual Clinics services are currently free in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. Service charge for Canadians from other provinces start from $30. 

That's a wrap!

We have come to the end of our comprehensive telemedicine services provider list. Some of the above-listed names you may have heard or used, and some may be new. By comparing basic service parameters and affordability, we hope you will now be able to choose the service provider with ease. 

A trusted telemedicine provider like Algo App ensures every customer makes the most out of the service. Are you having doubts about your health? Do you need a prescription refill? Get a doctor appointment booked in Algo App today.

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