HIV AIDS – Medication, Precautions and Treatments

HIV-AIDS, a condition that has plagued humankind for decades now, is well controlled but only in individuals that have access to and stay compliant with its life saving medications. Most recently a medication regimen has also been able to provide prevention against this infection in addition to keeping this virus in check in individuals who have been infected with HIV.

While a vaccine would be ideal to eradicate this disease, scientists are still waiting for a breakthrough on that front. In the meantime it has joined a list of other medical conditions, where we have been able to curb its spread and ability to kill infected individuals. At Algo we aim to help give easy and friction free access to these medication in Toronto with same day delivery and the rest of Canada in 2 business days. We are available 24*7 and will deliver it your home or office.

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HIV AIDS – Medication

What is HIV?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is responsible for weakening the immune system by destroying key immune cells and reducing the ability to fight infections. It spreads through bodily fluids, common transmissions being through sex or sharing needles. Since being first identified in 1981, HIV remains the most deadly and persistent epidemics.

How it become AIDS?

If untreated HIV can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, a condition which can be considered the last stage of HIV infection where the immune system is damaged to the extent that the body scums to various infections leading to death.

The good news in most cases of HIV infection do not develop AIDS due to the advances in treatment known an Anti-Retroviral Therapy or ART for short.


Difference between HIV and AIDS


  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
  • A virus that infects humans.
  • Patients who have HIV infection show mild flu like symptoms.


  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
  • Last stage of the cluster of conditions due to untreated HIV infection.
  • Life threating and severe symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms of HIV

Causes of HIV

HIV virus enters the body through contact with blood, semen, or vaginal fluids. While one exposure does not mean that a person will get HIV, the risk add ups with repeated exposures.

Symptoms of HIV

Initial symptoms of HIV resemble flu and accompanied by fever, fatigue, sore throat and swollen lymph glands.

Diagnosis of HIV

A blood or saliva test is done to diagnose HIV. It can take weeks
to months after initial exposure for these tests to show results.

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What precautions are available against HIV?

Safe sex and drug use is the best precaution again HIV. If you are living with a HIV+ partner PrEP Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis may be right for you. Remember U=U, if HIV is Undetectable in an individual it means it is Untransmittable.

What are the treatments available for HIV – AIDS?

A combination of Anti-Retroviral Therapies (name as HIV virus is classified as a retrovirus) are used to treatment HIV-AIDS. Individual regimens vary for patients depending on regional treatment guidelines and drug availability.

HIV Medication online

How to order HIV Medication online?

You can use Algo Medical App to fill both HIV or AIDS treatment medications or PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). Your treatment regimen will be determined by your physician.

HIV medications are free for many people in Canada and covered by provincial and private drug plans.

Have any questions regarding your treatment medications? Our team is here to help you through your journey.

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How does it works?

How HIV AIDS Medication work

Get a Diagnosis

Exposure to to HIV is not equal to infection. Talk to a physician right away for proper post-exposure prophylaxis and follow up.

HIV AIDS tests

Lab tests

You may be referred to a testing facility for some blood tests. These will be used to check the status of you infection and select the right medications for you.

HIV AIDS Treatments

Start treatment

Once you have received the prescription, ordering your medications is a click away.

follow up doctor appointments

Follow up

With HIV compliance with medications and follow up appointments is very important. With in-app reminders, we make it simple and convenient

How to live a Normal life with HIV?

With the availability of medications to stop the spread of HIV, both in one’s own body and subsequently to other individuals, it does not impact lives as it used. It is very possible to lead normal lives using oral medication treatments.

If you are in Toronto, take advantage of our free same day delivery to your home or office. Rest of Canada is two business days.

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How to live normal life in HIV

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There are normally 4 stages associated with AIDS presenting as a continuum.

  1. Infection: First stage where virus establishes in the body. Can be weeks to a few months.

  2. Asymptomatic stage: A stage that can lasts years, a person looks normal while the virus destroys an individual’s immune system.

  3. Early and medium stage symptomatic disease: Patients being to experience infections normally not seen in healthy individuals and weight loss and fatigue.

  4. Late stage disease or AIDS: While the last stage, treatment even in this stage can give a patient years to live while treating infections with antibiotics.

As new treatments become available, they are adding years to each stage hence giving patients an opportunity to lead relatively healthy lives.

Blood and saliva tests used for HIV diagnostic tests are covered by public health programs. While the cost of treatment of HIV may be hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, most countries have systems in place to get patients their medication at an affordable rate.

While mild flu like symptoms start to show shortly after infection, these rapidly disappear in most healthy individuals. More severe symptoms can take years or even decades for symptoms of HIV to show. In individuals where testing is done promptly followed by treatment, these symptoms may not show up at all in many individuals.

With the rapid proliferation of HIV over the last few decades, HIV specialists are available across the globe. These conditions can be managed with telemedicine as well thus eliminating geographic boundaries to get the care that you need.

If you are not currently on HIV medication, its best to get a consultation with a disease specialist. If you are already taking medications, you can use your current prescription to continue your therapy.

HIV1 and HIV2 refer to the two common most strains of the HIV virus. HIV1, the more infectious of the too, understandably also leads to more infections, about 95%.

HIV is transmitted through blood, semen or vaginal fluids with an individual who has detectable HIV in their bodily fluids. Remember Undetectable=Untransmittable.

ART therapies are medications that stop HIV from reproducing in the body thus slowly over time reducing its presence in the body, eventually making it undetectable. Since this also means that the individual is untransmittable at this stage, this also stops future spread of this disease.

It is very important to take the medication daily to ensure that the virus is not detectable in the body. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember unless its close to the next dose in which case skip and take the next dose.

Most side effects of HIV medications are fairly mild and disappear in a few weeks. Some side effects can occur over long-term usage. Since the side effects are specific to each medication and depends on the patients medical history, its best to speak with your pharmacist or your doctor.

Most countries have programs to give access to HIV medications. In Canada these medications are covered by most provincial and private drug plans.

Currently there is no permanent treatment for AIDS but the advances in medications have ensured that most patients are able to avoid getting to the dreaded last stage of this disease. And for the ones that are already in AIDS, treatment can still add years to ones expected life span while other medications prevent infections and adds to the quality of life.

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