Doctor on-Demand & Online Doctor Appointment in Canada

Online doctor appointment in Canada is now available on your phone with the ALGO App. With an internet-enabled device, our doctor on demand consultations in Canada will make accessing treatment easier than ever. The best thing is that you can have access to top Canadian certified doctors any time of the day, right from the comfort of your home.

Online doctor appointment in Canada


Ours is a mix of the physical and online clinic. Hence, connecting with a top Canadian medical expert or accessing a doctor on-demand is as simple as a few taps on your phone and if required, an in-person appointment can follow.


Since Covid-19 a huge positive growth has been seen in getting online medical advice. People feel more comfortable while receiving virtual assistance, especially Canadian people. Here are a few steps for booking an online doctor appointment in Canada with Algo App.

Register and Login

Register and Login

Create a profile on our online pharmacy app, a one-time process so the next time you visit, you can simply proceed by logging in and can access certified Canadian physicians anytime. The registration is simple and only requires your phone number where you will receive your one-time password.

Book an Appointment without any Hassle

Book an Appointment without any Hassle

You can book a doctor and schedule an appointment with them at the time of your choice. Booking an online doctor appointment in Canada is much easier with us, even you can also have an immediate consultation if you don't prefer to wait.

Doctor on demand Canada

Appointment Confirmation

Shortly afterward, you will get a confirmation regarding your appointment as a notification.

The Consultation Stage

The Consultation Stage

With the ALGO app, we have simplified consultations. Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to connect to your physician over a voice or a video call. Our doctors are extremely cooperative, and you can talk about your concerns with them with complete privacy. At the end of your consultation, you might receive an online prescription.

Order Medication Online

Order Medication Online

Once you have received the online doctor's prescription, you can order them directly with us. You can also order or buy medications online without consulting any of our doctors. But for that, we will need an existing prescription or in some cases, a picture of your current medication vial may be enough.


Skip waiting rooms and save a lot of time

ALGO aims to make online doctor appointments in Canada easy for patients. And with our doctor on-demand services with virtual healthcare appointments, you won't ever have to spend hours in the waiting room. This will keep you protected from infections that you potentially could be exposed to.

Get referrals

Sometimes you may need to be referred to a specialist. Since all issues cannot be managed virtually, you may sometimes be referred to as one of our physician clinics. In cities where we do not have a physical presence yet, you could be referred to a nearby clinic or hospital facility.

Receive treatment for a range of ailments

Indigestion, STDs, acne, Eczema / Psoriasis, UTIs, Respiratory Tract Infection, eye problems, pains, allergies, hair loss, and asthma are only a few of the problems that you can be accessed and treated through our app.

We take care of your mental health

Seek help for problems such as depression, trauma, addictions, stress, and social anxiety.

ALGO offers virtual care to your children too

Make an online doctor appointment in Canada for your child and get help for a range of problems including cold and cough, insect bites, fever, and sore throat.

Receive help at a time and place of your choice

No matter where you are, our service reaches you. You can also book an online doctor appointment in Canada for a time that is convenient for your schedule. Seeking medical help could not get any easier.

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When you make an online appointment to see a doctor at one of our clinics you will not be required to wait in most cases, you may get doctor on-demand consultation as per your need. In some circumstances where the doctor is running behind there is a chance that you may be required to wait for a few minutes. When you arrive at one of our clinics, please let the staff know that you are here for your appointment and they will provide you with instructions.

While many online appointments are done through Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing tools, Algo App uses its in-build conference platform for your privacy and safety. Whenever the doctor is ready to have a video or audio call with you, they will let you know and connect with you within the app itself.

This service is currently only covered for Ontario residents with a valid health card. Anyone outside of Ontario can pay for their visit. Your card is pre-authorized prior to the visit and only charged the amount after the appointment.

Our staff or the physician will connect you directly through the app at the designated appointment time. During the appointment, if it is required to do an audio or video call, that will be initiated by the physician within the app itself. If you have any trouble or connection difficulties, please reach out to our staff and know more about other effective doctor appointment ways.

Algo app makes an online doctor appointment in Canada for Canadians very easy with a registered doctor. Download the app, sign up, add your personal details including a health card and you are ready to get advice from a doctor on-demand or schedule your next appointment online. You can also use our condition-specific questionnaires to request a prescription for specific conditions or prescription refills. We are always looking for feedback to expand our lists of conditions so drop us a line with your valuable comments.


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