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Algo is an online pharmacy in Canada, It is a platform that aims to provide a complete digital pharmacy experience to the Canadian people through the internet. Talk to a registered pharmacist, ask questions about your prescriptions, request refills, or browse our digital pharmacy aisles with the largest selection of over the or behind the counter pharmacy products.

Online Pharmacy in Canada

About us

How is ALGO different from others?

Algo's focus is to provide its users with a complete digital pharmacy experience. It means we are focused on all pharmacy services. Algo provides everything you expect from a pharmacy with the added convenience of being digital. Along with being an online pharmacy in Canada, we also provide virtual healthcare and telemedicine services across Canada.

  • Our Mission

    Bring innovation and high-quality pharmacy services to its users.

  • Our Vision

    Help patients get the pharmaceutical care they need, all within a single app.

    1. Access to high-quality medications at the best prices.
    2. Provide pharmaceutical services to help patients achieve optimal outcomes.

What does Algo do?

Virtual healthcare and medication delivery in Canada

A pharmacy is more than just a place to get your medications and Algo has kept it front and center while developing its app.

We build the patient experience within the app so you can do everything you normally do at your local pharmacy from the convenience of your home. We not only provide medication delivery in Canada but also give our users the ability to talk to a pharmacist, schedule medication refills conveniently, and book virtual healthcare appointments with our physicians.


What services do we provide?

Being a renowned online pharmacy in Canada we are ever ready to care for you and provide the following services.

  1. Online pharmacy services.
  2. Secure telemedicine consultations.
  3. Largest selection of over-the-counter and access to behind-the-counter items.
  4. Instant medication home delivery.
  5. Prescription services.

How to get Algo care?

Download our app from your app store and sign up with your cell phone number. Create your profile and you are ready to consult with one of our professionals or shop from our extensive catalog of pharmacy and personal care items.

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Start affordable medication in just one click

Algo is not only convenient but also helps you save money on your prescription and non-prescription pharmacy products. Give it a go, browse our catalog and compare some prices with your favourite pharmacy store.

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Online Pharmacy in Canada

You are in good Hand

We believe in utilizing technology to remove barriers to care, be it physical access to a local pharmacy or not being comfortable to discuss your health issues. Because Algo gives you access to both online and physical services to ensure that you get the care that you deserve.

And, we also value your privacy and confidentiality and ensure that your data is always secured using the highest standards and not accessible to anyone but you and members of your care team.

Online Pharmacy

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